Rasner Vyacheslav Romanovich - A Homeless Guide in Saint Petersburg

The man in the photo is Rasner Vyacheslav Romanovich. He is a homeless who has spent 10 years living on the streets of Saint Petersburg, Russia. However, his story is not about failure or success, it is about human dignity, faith in people, and genuine love for Saint Petersburg. The fact is that Rasner Vyacheslav Romanovich is a guide who can take you on a memorable walk along Nevsky Prospekt. This amazing person knows the history of EACH building and its owners, he quotes the classics, and he can bring out the best in all of us. Vyacheslav Romanovich takes his craft seriously, with passion and great attention to detail. He loves his city and is proud to share its beauty with everyone who wants to listen and learn.

Walking tours with Rasner are now quite popular in Saint Petersburg, which allows Vyacheslav Romanovich to pay for a cheap hostel, food, and some clothes. Moreover, he loves to make generous gifts to other people, never asking for anything in return. Rasner Vyacheslav Romanovich is indeed an amazing person and wonderful guide, probably the best in Saint Petersburg.

Rasner Vyacheslav Romanovich

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