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If you are looking for a reliable online platform to discover and buy high-quality art by modern and contemporary masters, let us recommend Artland! Aimed at connecting galleries and artists with collectors and art lovers from around the world, this innovative platform can easily help you find the right art piece for your home or office. Besides, Artland is an excellent place to read exclusive media content, visit 3D gallery exhibitions, connect with other collectors, and more. At Fine Art Shippers, we want to share with you several works that are available for sale on the Artland platform right now!

· “Untitled” (2009) by Rebecca Horn, acrylic and colored pencil on paper, MLF | Marie-Laure Fleisch Gallery (Brussels, Belgium)

“Untitled” (2009) by Rebecca Horn
Photo credit: Artland/

· “Quattro Colori (904-78)” (2008) by Gerhard Richter, lacquer on Aludibond, Galerie Leu (Munich, Germany)

“Quattro Colori (904-78)” (2008) by Gerhard Richter
Photo credit: Artland/

· “Foliage” (2008) by Alex Katz, oil on board, Dep Art Gallery (Milan, Italy)

“Foliage” (2008) by Alex Katz
Photo credit: Artland/

· “Personnage (buste)” (1962) by Jean Dubuffet, gouache on paper, Tommaso Calabro Gallery (Milan, Italy)

“Personnage (buste)” (1962) by Jean Dubuffet
Photo credit: Artland/

· “Untitled” (2007) by Anselm Reyle, mixed media on canvas in acrylic box, Galerie Leu (Munich, Germany)

“Untitled” (2007) by Anselm Reyle
Photo credit: Artland/

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