Extraordinary Photographs by Julie DiBiase

Julie DiBiase has been fond of photography since early years. As a child, she learned to see things and objects from an unusual perspective. She always carried the camera wherever she went, trying not to miss a precious shot. Julie burned with love for photography. It was her inspiration and passion. The girl could turn even ordinary things into unusual pieces by passing everything through the lens of her camera.

Julie DiBiase
Julie DiBiase studied Commercial and Fine Art at the Propersi Institute of Arts. For her success and talent, she received the Alpha Beta Kappa Honor Society award. DiBiase is an experienced and established artist today, who has made a special contribution to contemporary photography. There is nothing impossible for this talented woman. She sees images for her photographs everywhere and never misses a chance to capture the moment. Her subjects include everything from landscapes, still life, and architectural elements to the simplest things that we encounter every day.

Julie DiBiase creates her photos in a limited and often numbered edition. She had already taken part in numerous exhibitions, giving the admirers of contemporary photography a possibility to evaluate her works. DiBiase’s photographs were also featured in various publications, including Serendipity Magazine. Today, her works are in many private collections, both in the United States and abroad.

It is also worth noting that Julie DiBiase works both with color and without it. Every viewer can find something familiar and pleasant in the photos by this amazing artist. Her main inspiration is the world around us in its natural form. DiBiase shows the viewer that beauty is in simple things that we, unfortunately, do not have time to notice. If you are passionate about photography and appreciate the natural beauty, be sure to learn more about Julie DiBiase and her extraordinary works.

Photo credit: Julie DiBiase/jdibiasephotography.com

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