Collier West Gallery & Store in Brooklyn, NYC

Antique items are always a great aesthetic addition to any interior. People struggle to find unique and exclusive pieces able to create an atmosphere of coziness wherever they are placed. It is now pretty much possible thanks to specialized dealers and stores that offer fabulous collections of antique and vintage pieces of all kinds. One of them is Collier West, an art gallery and antique store in Brooklyn, NYC.

Collier West Gallery & Store

Collier West was established in 2005 in Columbus, Ohio with the idea to create a one-of-a-kind place where people could find rare and outlandish items. No sooner said than done. The store was opened, and it was filled with inspiration and curiosities. In 2011, Collier West moved to Brooklyn where it has been located since then, offering vintage and antique furniture, accessories, and décor. Moreover, in 2016, Collier West expanded its business with Collier West Annex, an art gallery just a few steps away from the store.

Today, Collier West is a small chain of three spaces in Brooklyn. The main store at 377a Atlantic Avenue offers a gorgeous mix of décor pieces, home accessories, and furnishings. Collier West Annex located at 375 Atlantic Avenue features a unique selection of photography, prints, paintings, etchings, and other artworks by local and international artists. Finally, Collier West Rugery, which is located at 377 Atlantic Avenue, is more about vintage goods, including lighting and accessories from other countries.

The central idea of Collier West is to inspire people. Being an integral part of the art scene in Brooklyn, this team motivates artists and attracts people’s attention to the beauty of art and antiques. If you happen to be in Brooklyn, take your time to visit Collier West. It is a marvelous place you are sure to love.

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