Anna Laudel Gallery in Istanbul, Turkey

Living in the epoch of contemporary art, it is scarcely possible to imagine how far this vast and glorious art scene will go. It is even hard to picture how many contemporary galleries are functioning around the world. What strikes the most is that every single venue has its peculiar mark of uniqueness. For example, Anna Laudel Gallery in Istanbul is the place that fosters the development of Turkish contemporary art and allows the world to embrace the beauty and magnificence of local artists’ artworks. Whenever you are in Istanbul, do not miss the chance to visit this amazing gallery. It is totally worth it!

The rise of Anna Laudel Gallery dates from 2012. Ferhat Yeter is a director of the gallery, while it is managed by Alev Vayısoğlu. Throughout its short history, Anna Laudel Gallery has become the platform for various exhibitions, public art discussions, workshops, and interdisciplinary readings. The mission of the gallery is in arranging the space for emerging artists who are craving for perfection and have a longing to enter the international contemporary art market. To expand its reach, Anna Laudel Gallery even opened the second space in Dusseldorf in 2019.

The key to global growth of any gallery lies in the participation in the international art fairs, and that is where Anna Laudel Gallery did a really good job. In February, they took part in art KARLSRUHE 2020. Now, they are heading to present gallery’s artists at VOLTA New York, Art Dubai, Art Paris, and Draw Art Fair London. These include Belkis Balpinar, Ruth Biller, Flora Borsi, Ramazan Can, and Herbert Mehler, among others.

Anna Laudel Gallery is also an art shop where one can buy prints, photos, sculptures, ceramics, and art journals. Such a combination of the art gallery and the art shop makes it the central destination for art lovers in Istanbul.

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