20th- and 21st-Century Art at Michael Rosenfeld Gallery

With the advent of contemporary art, the United States of America, as well as most other countries, drew their attention to the radically new art tendencies and notions. Modern and traditional art took second place in the race, being replaced by a whole range of new art forms and ideas. Today, you can hardly find many reputable art galleries focused on Modernism and particularly American art. However, they exist, and one of them is located at 100 11th Avenue in New York.

Michael Rosenfeld Gallery — The Keeper of 20th- & 21st-Century Art

Michael Rosenfeld founded his gallery in 1989. Being an avid historian with a sincere interest in art, Rosenfeld developed a comprehensive and elaborate exhibition program to bring more light to modern American art. His focus was on both known and unknown artists working in abstract and figurative expressionism, realism, surrealism, and American abstraction. Another art historian, Halley K. Harrisburg, joined the gallery in 1992. Working with Michael Rosenfeld, they have expanded the canon of American art and made Michael Rosenfeld Gallery one of the most noteworthy 20th- and 21st-century art galleries in the world. Since 2001, the gallery has also been a member of the Art Dealers Association of America.

Throughout its existence, Michael Rosenfeld Gallery has organized over 185 exhibitions, including solo shows of Federico Castellon, Lenore Tawney, Bob Thompson, Romare Bearden, Benny Andrews, and many other celebrated American artists. The gallery has also published more than 125 exhibition catalogs with contributions by the leading critics, artists, and art historians. Besides, Michael Rosenfeld Gallery provides professional fine art appraisals for insurance purposes and takes part in many international art fairs, such as ADAA’s The Art Show, The Armory Show, Art Basel Miami Beach, and Works on Paper.

If you have a chance to visit Michael Rosenfeld Gallery in New York, do it without hesitation! This gallery is totally worth it!

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