Business of Art Webinar for Communications Specialists in the Arts

The art industry is not only about art fairs and art exhibitions. If you look at it from the outside, you will understand how vivid and plumbless this world is in reality. Recently, the coronavirus pandemic has become a major and determining factor for the further development of the whole art world. While international collaboration is suspended, there are people who are continuing working assiduously to keep us updated about current affairs in different parts of the globe. These are communications specialists. Observer, a credible international guide into art and everything around it, is organizing a new webinar that will be devoted to the questions directly related to the work of communications specialists.

How Do I Pitch This?

The name of the upcoming webinar is “How Do I Pitch This? COVID-19 and The Changing Landscape for Communications Specialists in the Arts,” and it is a worthy addition to Observer’s Business of Art Webinars, a series of standalone webinars discussing the urgent issues around art. This time, the panel will consist of the top publicists and communications experts, including Molly Krause, Hannah Gompertz, and Marcella Zimmermann. Adam Mrlik will take the role of a moderator.

So long as publishing houses and marketing firms are working at a loss, approaches should be changed immediately. The future of arts journalism and available adaptive publication strategies will be the main topics of the webinar. The registration is free of charge and does not require you to be a specialist in the field. While the main audience is expected to comprise publicists, writers, editors, media workers, communications specialists, and other art business professionals, students and newbies are also welcome to join the webinar. It will be held on May 18, 2020.

Simon Mosheshvili - An entrepreneur, innovator, philanthropist.

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