Garvey|Simon — Art Gallery & Art Advisory Service Combined in One

When visiting a contemporary art gallery, people – especially those who are not art savvy enough – may become suddenly baffled due to an abundance of the exhibited works. Things are easier when it comes to solo exhibitions, but collective ones may make you fairly dizzy. Thereby, if you are going to buy a piece of art for your own collection, it is a good idea to consult a fine art adviser able to answer all your questions regarding art. Garver|Simon is just a perfect place for that. Not only can you buy first-rate art at this reputable NYC gallery, but you can get a comprehensive explanation regarding any issues. Garver|Simon provides a full range of art advisory services to enhance the quality of their clients’ experience and take the functionality of the gallery to the next level.

Garvey|Simon: History, Services & Featured Artists

The art advisor & dealer Elizabeth K. Garvey and the collector Catherine G. Simon grounded the gallery in 2010. From its inception, Garvey|Simon has been showcasing works on paper, design, and photography, placing a strong focus on the promotion of 20th-century female artists and artists from the Midwest. These include Daisy Craddock, Dina Brodsky, David Morrison, Emma Tapley, and Mary Reilly, among others. The gallery also participates in the international art fairs, such as Art on Paper in New York, introducing its artists to a wider audience.

Thanks to the mutual contribution of both founders, Garvey|Simon beckons local and international art lovers alike. The amazing selection of art and artists in combination with professional art advisory services makes Garvey|Simon a perfect place for all sorts of art collectors. You should definitely visit this gallery once you are in New York!

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