Impressive 20th-Century Decorative Arts at Paul Stamati Gallery

From pre-war France up to this day, Art Deco remains one of the most distinguished and substantial movements in the world of 20th-century art. Being the epitome of luxury and modernity, it has carved itself into the history of the entire century, which makes pieces of decorative arts highly desirable and extremely pertinent acquisitions for art collectors.

If you are an art collector wishing to buy some valuable works of art or a big admirer of Art Deco, you should take a foray into Paul Stamati Gallery in New York, which specializes in 20th-century decorative arts and Art Deco lighting by Lalique.

20th-century decorative arts at Paul Stamati Gallery

Throughout its history, Paul Stamati Gallery went through two rather crucial phases that made a mark on its development and prosperity. When established in 1982, the gallery was initially working with antiquities and French Art Nouveau. After several years, in 1987, it merged with Chasen Antiques and moved from Manhattan Art and Antiques Centre to Madison Avenue.

Unfortunately, the collaboration between two businesses did not last long, and in 1989, the partnership was broken up. As a result, Paul Stamati Gallery returned to its former place in Manhattan and embarked on exploring Art Deco that eventually became the main focus and development direction of the gallery.

Today, Paul Stamati Gallery features a multitude of breathtaking works of decorative arts. Amongst them, you can find meet-your-every-need lamps, wall sconces, chandeliers, and other pieces from French designers of the 1920s – 1940s. The NYC-based gallery puts special emphasis on the designs by Marius Ernest Sabino and Rene Lalique.

Through years of assiduous work, Paul Stamati Gallery has gained the reputation of a reliable partner for both antique dealers and collectors. It is indeed a highly respectable gallery valuing its clients and greatly contributing to the world of art with its global share of Art Deco.

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