5 Innovative Ideas for Your Next Move

Automation is coming, and if you still do not have a personal drone for carrying things, the following information is for you! 

These days, many industries are actively fostering the idea of replacing human power with robots, machines, and computers. The moving industry is no exception. It is on the same path of development, and it is quite probable that in ten years, you will be dealing with robo movers or robo handlers rather than warm-blooded creatures. Fortunately or not, such a future has not come yet, so let’s look at the high-tech and state-of-the-art ideas that you might use for your next move right now. 

5 Innovative Ideas for Your Next Move

5 innovative ideas for your next move

Heavy-lifting drones

Drones carrying only small boxes are in the past. Now, you can try superdrone that consists of several small ones and can lift weights of about 60 kg (impressive!). Prepare your furniture for pick-up! 

Mattress sanitizers

Cleaning mattress is one of the most annoying and boring things on Earth. It is time to stop waste time on it and use a mattress sanitizer, a mechanism that will help you get rid of mattress stains on the fly. 

Exoskeleton suits

Want to look a human of the future? Wear an exoskeleton suit that will allow you to carry even heavy things with ease. It is a great assisting tool if you get bored waiting for the robot revolution. 

Winbag air wedges

Another innovative idea for your move is using a winbag air wedge designed to lift heavy boxes or pieces of furniture and keep them in place. Just slip the tool in the space between the surface and the object and pump it up! 

Self-lifting shipping containers

In short, it is a container that does not need cranes for loading and unloading objects. If you have a large amount of cargo, this might be a sound choice. 

These innovative ideas are just the beginning, so there will be more. The earlier you start using them in real life, the faster the future will come to you.

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