Different Types of Fine Art Services

Whether you are an art collector or just a person who needs to ship a piece of art, it always pays to know what a fine art shipping company can offer you and how you can benefit from it. In the art shipping business, there is a broad array of art handling and logistics services to choose from. Through decades, they have passed into one complex and elaborate package of services. Let’s have a look at the most essential ones that you might need above all.

Fine Art Services

Different types of fine art services

Art shipping & moving

Shipping and moving are the most fundamental services that a company can offer you. This is the very core of the business and, thus, should always be provided at the highest possible level. 

Art packing & crating

The other basic services are packing and crating. Same to the previous situation, you cannot cope with it by yourself, or you are going to put your artworks at risk of being damaged because of poor-quality materials or vaguely chosen packing techniques. 

Art installation

Art installation belongs to the category of additional services and, therefore, should be considered as optional. By the way, it is very convenient to have your art pieces packed, shipped, and installed by the same company. No need to divide responsibilities. 

Art storage

Art storage services are particularly useful for artists and collectors who need the safest place to store and preserve their artworks for the time being. 

Art insurance

Art insurance is never redundant. Who knows what may happen to your paintings or sculptures during transportation? 

Art advisory

Art advisory services would be a good pick for those who want to consult art experts. It is a quite necessary service, especially when choosing artworks for a private collection. 

As you see, there is quite a number of different types of fine art services. From now on, you are savvy enough to choose what suits your specific needs best. Good luck!

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