David Drebin: The Subtle Art of Being Multidisciplinary

When someone calls another person “an artist,” it is not always crystal clear what is implied by it. Nowadays, the art industry is so diverse and chaotic that it is sometimes hard to define certain words. Take, for example, multidisciplinary artists who represent a highly unique layer of creators able to combine different and, sometimes, even opposite disciplines in their work. 

Today, we want to grab your attention to David Drebin, a legendary figure in contemporary photography, who has not only mastered the art of being multidisciplinary but also achieved dazzling success in different fields. 

The reason why we decided to italicize David Drebin’s multidisciplinary nature is because of the towering fame that he has achieved being a photographer. Indeed, his talent is known worldwide, and his photos are being collected and preserved in many private collections. For David Drebin, photography is the means of communicating emotions and feelings. The Canadian artist likes to toy with the psychology of the viewers by stirring up their imagination through visual imagery. In 2018, one of his photos, “Jerusalem,” was sold for $100,000, which is indeed an impressive sum for a single photo.

However, let’s not focus on photography only because David Drebin’s artistic horizons are much vaster. First, you should check his neon art that, as it is stated in the description, features “the secret thoughts of the femmes fatales.” Neon installations are produced only in limited editions, so it is a fair chance to acquire an exotic piece for your personal collection. 

Additionally, you should not avoid David Drebin’s magnificent lightboxes that are real works of art made with the highest level of craftsmanship. You can hardly find something similar to this because such art is more like an experimental art project in some sense. 

Through his creativity and enthusiasm, David Drebin has managed to combine truly unique experiences from different domains of art. This is what makes this multidisciplinary artist highly demanded these days.

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