DIY vs Professional Fine Art Shipping Company

The first question that usually pops in the mind of those who need to ship fine art for the first time is, “Can I do it myself?” And the answer to this is certainly 'yes.' However, it doesn’t tell you anything about how quality and safe such shipping would be because, as you know, professional companies maintain high shipping standards for a good reason. To see how the wind is blowing, let’s compare two different approaches to shipping art: the do-it-yourself method and hiring expert art shippers.


Having confidence in your abilities is, without a doubt, a good thing, but the line between confidence and overconfidence is, as a rule, quite thin. Fine art is extremely delicate freight, which means that you have to know at least some basic techniques and knowledge of what materials you need and how to pack the item right. 

Here is the problem. If the shipment is not secured enough, the chances are high that your artwork won't survive the transportation. In such a case, you will lose even more money. On the flip side of the coin, you won’t spend a penny on shipping, to say nothing of time and possible delays. However, it is true only when everything works out. 

Professional fine art shipping company

Hiring fine art shipping specialists is not free of risks as well, but there is a markedly lesser number of them. That’s why you always need to know about common red flags before hiring an art shipping company. 

If you work with reputable and experienced shippers, you get a high-quality, comprehensive set of services useful for transportation. You shouldn’t worry about the fate of your painting any longer, as your art is handled by real specialists. The drawback—quite a justifiable one—is that it’s not free. 

Who wins?

Only you decide, since only you have the final say. Summarizing what has been said, DIY is a free and pretty insecure approach, while hiring professionals is, though for money, a safe and effective choice.

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