Tips for Shipping Artwork Made of Glass

The items made of glass are very susceptible to damage in transit. Therefore, for those of you who are about shipping artwork of this type, this post will be extremely valuable. Whether you are transporting watercolor paintings framed with glass, mirrors, or antique glass items, you have to be careful and put all the effort into the proper packing and shipping of these artworks. Below are the most essential tips for you to safely deliver your treasures to the desired destination.

Tips for shipping artwork made of glass

1. Protect the glass surface with tape

You know the thing: put two X shapes across the surface of an item. For this purpose, use quality artist tape to ensure the piece won’t crack during transit. Do not worry, the tape of this type can be easily removed from glass later.

2. Use bubble wrap properly

This is quite a common problem among those who transport glass objects. When you cover artwork with bubble wrap, ensure that the surface of the piece is touching the flat side of the wrap, and bubbles are facing out. Please pay attention to this, as bubble wrap may leave imprints that remain for a long time.

3. Pick up an appropriate box

The appropriate box for transporting glass artworks is a custom wooden crate. You can build it yourself or use expert art crating services to order a strong box for your delicate artwork. Do not forget to fill the space inside the box with cushioning material for shipping artwork safely.

4. Transport glass art vertically

It is essential to ship glass objects vertically to avoid cracks and other damages. Therefore, choose a truck with a suitable body height. Besides, any glass and fragile objects inside the truck must be secured with belts. Do not allow other objects to be placed on the boxes with your glass items.

As you can see, the rules are not so scary. High-quality packing materials, the right method of transportation, and a careful approach will help you ship your glass artworks without breaking anything. However, if you want to have complete peace of mind when shipping artwork made of glass, call Fine Art Shippers for help. We are always here for you!

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