How to Ship Art Effectively?

Transportation of art objects is often out of control due to the complex procedure and a multitude of subtleties to be considered. Therefore, in order not to lose art pieces forever, artists, collectors, and dealers need to know the proven options and methods of shipping art safely. Here is a list of some reliable ways to ship art effectively. Check it out!

How to ship art effectively?

1. Use white glove service

It is a perfect option to have your art treated with extreme care. White glove service can ensure your artwork is transported across the state or country quickly and with 100% safety. White glove movers are well-trained to handle everything from a painting to an antique sculpture to fine furniture. Moreover, you don’t need to head over art packing, unpacking, and installation – these guys will do it for you.

2. Hire an art courier

This option is a good one for those who own valuable and exquisite artworks and worry about their safety on the road. An art courier will take every precaution necessary to provide smooth transportation in a timely and effective manner. Thus, if you live in a big city and possess some exclusive pieces, choose an art courier service to move art safely and efficiently.

3. Try art shuttles

This is one of the most reliable and affordable art shipping services for everyone who needs their art pieces to be delivered to any destination across the USA. An art shuttle, being a flexible and comprehensive service, includes climate-controlled vehicles, trained art handlers, and, of course, experienced drivers. Whether you need to ship a single painting, a sculpture, or an entire art collection, an art shuttle is an option you don’t want to miss.

Fine Art Shippers is the place where you can find all these art services and even more. We provide many options for the safe transportation of art and antiques, so feel free to give us a call so that we can ship your valuables effectively!

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