How to Ship Paintings on a Budget

If you an art collector or an artist, you are destined to spend much time shipping paintings. Boring as it may seem, it is an indispensable process that has central importance for the entire fine art business world. In theory, everything should be pretty straightforward. When it comes to practice, though, lots of problems suddenly start to manifest themselves. 

Most of the time, a grave issue is the money. Shipping may require a good deal of your savings. Nevertheless, these handy tips will help you ship art on a budget without jeopardizing shipping safety.


Reducing standard shipping costs is not always an advantage. Though the following options may be effective, you should be cautious when you ship paintings for cheap. 

Shipping paintings on a budget: things to consider

Packing materials

If you don’t want to spend money on packing materials, you can find a lot of alternatives in your home instead. Mainly, it refers to shipping boxes and padding materials. 

Shipping options

You don’t have much choice here. You either opt for a fine art shipping company or turn to the post office or regular courier delivery. It is as clear as day that the former is the best option, but you will most probably save some money if you decide to choose any of the other two options. 

Art shipping company

At the same time, a fine art shipping company can be a budget-friendly option too. All that you need is a team of experienced and reputable art shippers providing their services at competitive rates. 


Avoiding or ignoring art insurance is not recommended at all. Nonetheless, it is still one of the ways to save money. It’s not mandatory to buy insurance anyway, but collectors and artists usually do it for a good reason. 

Use this information at your own peril and risk. However effective, these methods may lead to unexpected shipping problems. That’s why you need to have a rigorous plan before you ship paintings and other artworks.

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