5 Common Art Transportation Hazards That You Should Know

Shipping art has always been a risky venture, to say the least. Professional art handlers have to be not only trained but also experienced to prevent all sorts of problems that may occur in the process. Art collectors, dealers, and art lovers also have to be aware of hazards that can adversely influence their artworks. Below you will find a list of the five most common art transportation risks that can lead to the most unsavory results.

5 common art transportation hazards that you should know

1. Physical damage

Either minor or severe, property damage is the most prevalent risk in the art transportation industry. Most of the time, poor-quality packing materials and shippers are to blame. Fortunately, damaged pieces usually can be fixed with professional art restoration services.

2. Poor storage conditions

When it comes to storage conditions, artworks require meticulous attention to detail. If you have delicate pieces of art, you need to double-check whether art shippers can provide proper climate conditions during transportation and storage.

3. Lost artworks

Lost art is much less common as compared to the previous two hazards, but it is still possible. Thanks to “attentive” personnel, your artwork can magically disappear together with other items.

4. Theft

If you want to ship high-dollar art, you should consider the most secure transportation services. The chances that your art pieces will be stolen are not that high, but it is still better to ensure their safety in transit.

5. Artwork destruction

Though the destruction of an artwork is the least common hazard on the list, situations, when art is irreversibly damaged, are numerous. As well as other risks, it is mainly about art handlers and their competence. 

Next time you want to ship your valuables, make sure you hire professional art shippers. And don’t forget about an art insurance policy that might well be of great help in the future!

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