5 Hard and Fast Rules of Art Handling

People don’t usually care much when they move ordinary everyday items, but when it comes to some delicate and expensive freight such as fine art, the situation takes a new turn. You wouldn’t entrust shipping high-dollar paintings, sculptures, or antiques to just any person, would you?

Art handling is a subtle art of paying attention and doing your best to ensure the integrity of the item you transport. People may hire professional art handlers for many reasons, but the primary one will always be “safety.” To better understand the essence of art handling, you need to know the next five hard and fast rules that every handling expert respects and obeys.

5 hard and fast rules of art handling

5. Think before you think

If you want to pack and ship a piece of art safely, there must be no place for improvisation. A rigorous plan is a must. The better it is worked out, the more risks can be avoided. 

4. The quality of packing materials matters

Despite its importance, the quality of packing materials is an underrated topic. Many don’t have a clue how many accidents happen because of the poor quality of materials. 

3. Different artworks – different techniques

It’s a big mistake to think that carrying an artwork is a humdrum grab-and-go thing. Good art logistics companies consist of trained professionals who know all the ins and outs about each type of artwork, be it a fine art print or a glass installation. 

2. Work ethics makes you a professional

Proper use of skills, equipment, and protective materials in the workplace is an essential attribute of a professional art handler. Even the fact that you wear gloves already makes the difference. 

The main rule is…

Don’t rush into work. First and foremost, art handling is about the attitude toward artwork and understanding the responsibility one takes when carrying it. Meticulous planning and patience are key to the successful transportation of art.

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