Art Delivery Service: What Makes A Good Shipping Company

The importance of art delivery service for the art industry has greatly increased over the last years. The reality is that if you are an emerging art collector, art dealer, artist, or owner of the recently opened gallery, you will need to work with professional art shippers on a regular basis. The question is, “How to choose the right shipping company?” To answer it, you should know several special markers of good and reliable art shippers. What are they?

Art delivery service: how to choose the right shipping company

Company’s reputation

Nowadays, reputation is a fragile thing—it is hard to earn and easy to lose. Art delivery service requires a good deal of skill and experience. Given that, the reputation serves as a guarantee for those hesitating whether to hire a company or not. Fortunately, it is easy to check via the Internet. 

Variety of services

Some companies focus on specific fine art shipping services, while others offer a more comprehensive list of what they can do for you. In this case, the more services they provide, the better, but there is one “but.” It makes sense to trust only seasoned companies if you need several services at once. At the end of the end, practice and strong discipline make perfect.

Fees and charges

The list would be incomplete without mentioning the service price. No doubt, it is important how much the shipping company charges for their art delivery service, but it should not be a defining factor. 

Excellent customer service

Many professional companies not only offer free shipping quotes but also provide art consultation services. Do not hesitate to contact art shippers and ask them any questions you need to make a final decision.

The transportation of art should be entrusted solely to professionals. Considering the variety of art delivery services and their complexity, the approach to selection should be as cautious as possible!

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